Come aboard, we're expecting you.....

While this isn't the "Love Boat", you'll still fall in love with the beautiful side of Ocean City: the coastal bay!

This event is a free event for Play-It-Safe participants only.  

We will depart from 118th street at the OC Bay Hopper headquarters on:

  • Tuesday, June 4th Noon - 2:15pm
  • Tuesday, June 11th Noon- 2:15pm
  • Thursday, June 13th 11AM - 1:15pm

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OC Bay Hopper Crabbing

An absolute Maryland tradition- blue crabbing with a trot line, crab pots and collapsible traps! Come out on the OC Bay Hopper in the morning; everyone who wants to can get their hands dirty baiting and setting the line/traps and have fun of scooping crabs up with a net. And for those who don't know anything about the blue crab, we will be happy to share our knowledge and enthusiasm about them!

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$15 – $800

Private Charter

Create your own Ocean City experience! Book an OC Bay Hopper for your special event, groups up to 18 people welcome! Everything is better on the water in Ocean City...

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  • Hop On $15 per person, 4 seats left

  • FULL $15 per person, 0 seats left

  • FULL $300 per person, 0 seats left

  • Hop On $400 per person, 1 seats left

  • FULL $800 per person, 0 seats left

Express Run To Seacrets!

Seacrets Jamaica USA is a waterfront bar, restaurant and nite club in Ocean City, MD. Float on the bay rafts or enjoy bayfront dining under the palms. Offers Caribbean-inspired dishes, tropical specialty drinks & live entertainment every night.

Beat the lines, arrive at Seacrets by boat... Plenty of parking available at our 118th street location (Ocean City Square Shopping Center) and you and up to 18 of your friends can arrive to Ocean City's best party spot in style.

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$25 – $30

Asssateague Island Boat Tour

Take a scenic boat ride on the Assawoman Bay on the "other" side of Ocean City. This grand bay experience will allow you the option of being dropped off at the North End of Assateague for some exploration or to stay on the boat and cruise into the Sinepuxent Bay, south of the bridge, looking for wild ponies!

(taken onboard OC Bay Hopper Aug 2018) 

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  • Hop On $25 per person, 7 seats left

  • Hop On $30 per person, 15 seats left
$15 – $20

Sunset Cruise on OC Bay Hopper

Just want to "get out there" for a short time and enjoy the sun setting on the bay? This experience is short and sweet, a quick trip out of the canal and into the Assawoman Bay where you will close out the day in style. Bring tapas, snacks and the beverages of your choice to enhance the experience.

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  • Hop On $20 per person, 18 seats left

  • Hop On $15 per person, 18 seats left

The Ocean City "Foodie" Tour- By OC Bay Hopper!

Did you know there are over 24 restaurants and bars that have access to the coastal waterways surrounding Ocean City? This tour will stop at 3 of them where you will sample their fare and meet the owners of some of the most iconic destinations in Ocean City.  Your host, Sandy Gillis, is a local business owner/entrepreneur; you will not find a better, more enthusiastic guide to the culinary delights of Ocean City, Maryland!

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