OC Bay Hopper Crabbing

Crabbing and eating these interesting creatures is a Maryland tradition.  If you've ever wondered how to catch a blue crab or how to eat them then this is the trip for you!  Likewise, if you grew up eating crabs and want a taste of the past or would like to give your kids some of the great memories you have then this trip is a must.


On this trip, your captain - a seasoned seaman and crabber – will guide you to some of the hottest spots on the Bay for catching crabs.  Your sneaky captain will have already dropped some crab pots in his favorite crabbing locations so that by the time you reach them they'll already have a bunch of delicious creatures crawling around inside.


Once anchored, you’ll be recruited to help haul in the bounty!  The captain will teach you everything you need to know about crabs – including how to cook and eat them.  This is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty.  


When you depart the boat at the end of the trip, your captain will divide up the bounty amongst all who want to devour them – which is typically everyone.  This trip is a big hit with the kids!  

Departure Location - This trip departs from our location at 118th street (Food Lion Shopping Center) in OC.


Bathrooms – Our Bay Hoppers do not have bathrooms onboard.  Our kiosk at our 118th street location in OC does have a bathroom you can use before departure.


What To Bring – Depending on the weather, you should dress appropriately.  Things to consider bringing include sunscreen, some snacks, drinks, a sweatshirt, and camera.  Keep in mind that on this trip you’re likely to get dirty so please leave your fancy clothes at home. 


Weather – Unless the weather poses a threat to the safety of our passengers (e.g., lightening, high winds) or the weather will make the trip extremely uncomfortable (e.g., heavy rain) the trip will proceed as scheduled.  If the Captain decides to cancel the trip due to the weather, then you will be notified, and your money refunded.

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