Maryland Coastal Bays Environmental Education Trip

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program has been involved in protecting the pristine beauty of the coastal Ocean City region for over 24 years. Join staff of this environmental advocacy and education group on a tour of the Assawoman and Sinepuxent Bays to learn more about the work of preserving this amazing natural resource. You take in the incredible sights and sounds of a wetland region teeming with life! Have your camera and questions ready and be prepared to learn more about this ecosystem.

Maryland Coastal Bays Logo

The Maryland coastal bays, like other coastal areas around the world, are experiencing rapid population growth and increased development. Already the bays are experiencing early warning signs of stress. Recognizing the potential for additional stress on this fragile ecosystem and the importance of a healthy ecosystem, federal, state and local government agencies have joined with the people who depend on these resources for their livelihood and quality of life to develop a plan of action that will protect and restore the health of the coastal bays. The Maryland Coastal Bays Program is one of 28 National Estuary Programs designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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