Bay Hopper Brunch Along Assateague!

This trip is exactly like the Bay Hopper Breakfast Sandwich Cruise, except for it is a little later in the day AND you can order some cold sandwiches and/or hot breakfast sandwiches! 

Now, let's set the scene. You're cruising along, surrounded by your favorite people, soaking in the breathtaking sights of Assateague Island. Sure, we can't guarantee that you'll spot the famous ponies, but the chances are very good! As you're busy scanning the horizon for those elusive equines, you're also sinking your teeth into mouthwatering breakfast or early lunch delights. Talk about starting the day on the right foot!

Did we mention that cold beer and selected canned cocktails and seltzers are also available for purchase onboard? Does vacation get any better!?!?!

This cruise departs from our Downtown OC Bay Hopper location (Dorchester Street and the Bay) and runs for about 90 minutes. You must be on time- our captains are instructed to depart at exactly the scheduled departure time so that we are not holding up customers who are on time!

There are no bathrooms available at our downtown location.

BOARDING THE BOAT: You will board the boat from a fixed dock. Depending on the tides, this can be a large step down into the boat. We are happy to assist but customers who are limited in mobility may find better options at a trip leaving from one of our "floating dock" locations (118th Street and West OC).

Food is not included with this trip, but you can add any of a selection of breakfast sandwiches to your cruise and we will make sure you have them for the tour. (This is done through the App after you start the booking process).

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