OC Kabob Mediterranean Cruise

OC Kabob + OC Bay Hopper = A Mediterranean Cruise of Epic Proportions!

The authentic Mediterranean food offered by our partners at OC Kabob almost defies description... it is the perfect summer fare and pairs perfectly with an OC Bay Hopper boat ride.

After booking the trip (and yes, you can bring your own food if you like but you'll be missing out!) you will be able to select from an assortment of the following: Maza, Greek and Gyro Quesadillas,  and three salad choices (Greek, Couscous and Seared Tuna).

Feel free to bring you own beverages- adult or other wise- and don't plan on waiting in any line to eat: Your food and the boat will be ready promptly at the trips departing time.

We will set up a table for you right on the OC Bay Hopper, just bring your friends/family, your appetite and maybe some drinks to wash it all down. 

OC Kabob + OC Bay Hopper = A Mediterranean Cruise of Epic Proportions!

This trip is run on Wednesdays throughout the summer. We are offering a subset of the full OC Kabob menu, basically the things that we believe are a little easier to eat on a boat.

The trip departs promptly at 6pm, and last about 80 -90 minutes. While there is no restroom on board the OC Bay Hopper, we do have a facility for customers to use at our 118th Street Headquarters. (and there is plenty of parking available)

You can arrive about 5 minutes early if you like, but our boarding process is very straightforward and so as long as you are there by the trip time, all is good.

Finally, we do have water aboard and a cooler.

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