Boating 101

Learn to drive a boat in Ocean City!

Looking to learn the basics of what it takes to man a boat?  How about learning the ropes while you're here in Ocean City? Hop on board with Captain Steve for two hours and he will teach you all the basics! From parts of the boat, different knots, safety, de docking, underway skills and what it takes to dock the boat! This two hour experience will allow you to get a hands on feel of how to drive a boat and maybe even inspire someone to be a captain one day. Maybe you're an up and coming captain for OC Bay Hopper... who knows!

This would make for  a great family event for those of you who are new to the water, have never been on a boat before, or perhaps a nice refresher if it's been a while. Captain Steve will make sure you feel safe and comfortable all while having a great time out on the beautiful bay here in Ocean City.

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