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The Assateague Island Boat Tour is one of our most popular trips!  Once you board the Bay Hopper, we’ll cruise to the magical and elusive Assateague Island.  This island is famous for its wild ponies, unicorns, and the gumdrops that fall from the sky!


How did the ponies get there?  Did they swim?  How many ponies live there?  Can you pet the ponies?  Can you feed the ponies?  The answers to these questions, facts about the island, and the other amazing wildlife living on - and around - Assateague can be answered by your knowledgeable and wise captain.


This is a trip you will not forget.  Oh, we should mention that if you have kids and you bring them on this trip that they will love you forever!  Don’t be a bad parent.  Book this trip now!


Please note that the part about the unicorns and gumdrops might be a very slight exaggeration.


Departure Location - This trip leaves from one of two destinations so please be sure to note which departure location you select.  This trip departs from both our location at 118th street (Food Lion Shopping Center) in OC and our West OC location (12817 Harbor Road, Ocean City, 21842).


Bathrooms – Our Bay Hoppers do not have bathrooms onboard.  Our kiosk at our 118th street location in OC does have a bathroom you can use before departure.


What To Bring – Depending on the weather, you should dress appropriately.  Things to consider bringing include sunscreen, some snacks, drinks, a sweatshirt, and camera.


Weather – Unless the weather poses a threat to the safety of our passengers (e.g., lightening, high winds) or the weather will make the trip extremely uncomfortable (e.g., heavy rain) the trip will proceed as scheduled.  If the Captain decides to cancel the trip due to the weather, then you will be notified, and your money refunded.

OC Bay Hopper Kiosk- 118th Street
Food Lion parking lot, 118th Street
2 hours 45 minutes

Aligned with the goal of ensuring all OC Bay Hopper customers have a great experience, we will only run trips that are deemed safe by our Captains. Generally, the weather on the coastal bays of the Ocean City area is very pleasant but sometimes storms and thunderstorms do occur.

In the event that your trip is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. Sometimes, the weather conditions, particularly high winds causing choppy seas, will allow us to run a safe trip that is a bit unpleasant.

Our captains will always strive to let people know when conditions will be less than ideal and if conditions warrant a possible refund you may choose to not take the trip. (But sometimes those rough passages make for the best experiences!)


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(14 yrs and younger)