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Private Charter

This is a Private Charter for Brittany Hosak and her group. We will supply coolers and they will bring ice and beverages of their choice... This price/charter is available for up to 15 people (Brittany is indicating between 12-15 people).  The price included here includes a captain and 5 hours on the water in our OC Bay Hopper...

Aligned with the goal of ensuring all OC Bay Hopper customers have a great experience, we will only run trips that are deemed safe by our Captains. Generally, the weather on the coastal bays of the Ocean City area is very pleasant but sometimes storms and thunderstorms do occur.

In the event that your trip is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. Sometimes, the weather conditions, particularly high winds causing choppy seas, will allow us to run a safe trip that is a bit unpleasant.

Our captains will always strive to let people know when conditions will be less than ideal and if conditions warrant a possible refund you may choose to not take the trip. (But sometimes those rough passages make for the best experiences!)


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