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Happy Hour on the OC Bay Hopper

Every day, we're offering a "Happy Hour" cruise so you can get out on the beautiful Assawoman Bay and have a few cocktails.  While the bars are closed - this is your best bet for getting out and have a few drinks.  We'll take you to some of OC's interesting canals and to see some incredible wildlife on Roy's Creek.  You'll be amazed by all there is to see on the water!

Once the bars and restaurants are open then we'll add a few stops at some of the best bayside bars so you can sample a drink or two at each.  However, regardless of the bars, we will have beer, wine, twisted teas, white claws, etc for sale on the boat.  So you don't need to worry about hauling a cooler!  And, the deal on the boat is that when you buy one you then get one free!!!  It truly is "happy hour."

Best of all, taking the OC Bay Hopper Happy Hour Cruise, there are no lines and you don't have to worry about being squished into a crowd of people.  We have coronavirus social distancing precautions in place so you can have fun relaxing time on our boats without worry or concern. 

Reserving an Experience

Due to the uncertainty surrounding our 2020 Summer season (the impacts of COVID-19), we've had to adjust the way we schedule our trips. We're very excited to be back on the water, offering trips and experiences along the coastal bays, and giving families, couples, vacationers, and locals a unique and safe experience on the OC Bay Hopper.

We are not sure whether it will be viable to operate every trip we have put on our schedule. As a business, we need to remain flexible to book groups for private charters, yet still offer the experiences you see on our menu to people who cannot afford booking an entire boat.

For these reasons, we mark most of our trips scheduled more than 72 hours from now, as tentative. This means that we may, if necessary, cancel that trip and refund anyone who made a reservation.

For anyone who is not comfortable with the potential that their trip may be cancelled, we have two options:

  1. Pay an additional fee ($30 for this trip) when booking, and we will "Lock In" that trip so that it won't be cancelled.
  2. Wait until we pass the “Lock In” date (, on for this trip) to book your seats at a regular rate. (We do this to allow private charters, which generally book within 72 hours, to book and cancel our regular schedule)

Reservation/Booking Options

  • Using this option, you will pay an additional $30, and we will run this trip as scheduled.

  • Using this option, you will pay the regular rate for your seat(s). You will receive a full refund if we cancel the trip.

  • You would prefer to wait until the trip is "Locked In" before booking. (Keep in mind, that other customers may reserve/book all of the available seats).

    I'll Wait