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Daily Shuttle

How the Shuttle works

When you buy a shuttle ticket, it allows you to board our shuttle at either of our originating locations- our Kiosk next to Food Lion off 117th street and the Marina Deck restaurant. You are provided a QR Code / Boarding Pass through either the app - or the confirmation email link we have sent.  The captain will greet you and scan you aboard. Then you sit back and enjoy the scenery as we shuttle you to our next stop.

The Shuttle runs south at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm and returns north at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. (Our "On Demand" taxi service continues until midnight every night...)?

FAQ about the Shuttle

  • Where can we go?

Our routes are based on a North-bound/South-bound system. We originate from 117th street, head South and terminate our ride at Marina Deck - a short walk from the world famous Boardwalk! We then turn around and head back. If you are looking to get to West OC, or Mid-town (Seacrets, Fager's Island , Mackey's and more)- we can accommodate up to 2 additional stops within our route per trip. (Full list of potential shuttle stops below)

The result is a route which is highly flexible and can get you to most of the Bay side restaurants in Ocean City. There are exceptions: some bars/restaurants are a bit harder to navigate to (Fish Tails, Hoopers) and we cannot use the shuttle to stop there. Our "on demand" taxi system allows for you to book rides to those locations...

The OC Bay Hopper Shuttle possible stops are as follows: (stops not on this list are best handled by booking an "On Demand" taxi ride)

Fager's Island



45th Street Taphouse

de Lazy Lizard

The Angler

MR Ducks


Mad Fish

The Shark

Sunset Grille

  • Can I bring food/beverages?

Sure. The experience of riding in our shuttle is best enjoyed when you are comfortable. You can sight-see, walk around and eat/drink on board our vessels. 

  • Do we book in advance?

Yes. We'd prefer that you book your trip a few hours in advance. We are always welcoming walk-in bookings at our 117th street Kiosk, however we do not have any employees stationed at our other stops. To ensure you are getting the best experience, plan on booking a few hours ahead of your intended departure. You will also need to specify when you intend to return and whether you will ride the full shuttle route downtown to Marina Deck (or uptown to the Kiosk) or be dropped off in between. 


Aligned with the goal of ensuring all OC Bay Hopper customers have a great experience, we will only run trips that are deemed safe by our Captains. Generally, the weather on the coastal bays of the Ocean City area is very pleasant but sometimes storms and thunderstorms do occur.

In the event that your trip is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. Sometimes, the weather conditions, particularly high winds causing choppy seas, will allow us to run a safe trip that is a bit unpleasant.

Our captains will always strive to let people know when conditions will be less than ideal and if conditions warrant a possible refund you may choose to not take the trip. (But sometimes those rough passages make for the best experiences!)


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How Many Youth?
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